icloud drive updating for the last three days

Discussion in 'iCloud' started by s2001, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Ever since I upgraded to ios 8.1.1 my icloud drive is showing the updating signs and is not accessable.i pad asksme to login to icloud again and again. is ther anyway i can turn this udating off.
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    Hopefully this will help:

    Go to Settings - iCloud, scroll down to Sign Out, tap it and delete the account from your iPad. If you're asked to remove or keep everything on your device, select "Keep". If not, just continue removing the iCloud account.
    Then sign in again with your iCloud account, and select "Merge" when it appears on your screen.

    If this doesn't work when you try it at first, sign out of the iCloud ID once more and login again.
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