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    Hi All,
    I’ll do my best to make this as sequential as I can. Yesterday, Apple Support advised me to change my Apple ID. I went to appleid.apple.com to do that, but that method wasn’t working correctly, so I had to go to the Apple Store today for help. The Apple Rep had me Sign Out of iCloud, then (as best as I can remember) the Rep went to Settings->[my name] and tapped on ‘Sign In,’ and as I recall, I entered my new Apple ID and password. Done! Good!

    I changed the Apple ID on my *new* iPad, I have an *old* iPad too, on which the *old* Apple ID was *not* changed.

    When I got back to my place, I turned on my *new* iPad, and most of my iCloud content was gone!

    Example: Photos- *New* iPad- 150 photos. *Old* iPad- 1,811 photos!
    Example: Notes- *New* iPad- No notes at all. *Old* iPad- In ‘All iCloud,’ there’s 467 notes!

    I *did* configure, in Settings, for all Photos and Notes to be stored in iCloud.

    I didn’t know that changing my Apple ID would have this effect on iCloud. Is it possible to have my iCloud content from the *old* iPad transferred to the *new* one? That’s my main point in posting this.

    Having been hacked a while back (and still working on resolving that), when something unexpected happens to my iPad, I wonder if the reason for that is because there’s something I don’t know, or was the hacker up to some monkey business again.

    Does anyone have any input on this rather odd situation?

    Thanks for Reading! :)
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    The iCloud content is tied to the account where it’s stored/synced. With the deletion of the old account, they have obviously been removed as well. It would have been possible to keep some of it on the new iPad, though.

    I suppose you were logged in to the old iCloud account on the new device, and that your photos were synced to it. When you sign out of the iCloud account, one of the options would be to keep some of the content on the iPad.
    When signing in with the new account, you can merge the “old” content that’s still on the iPad with the content that comes with the new iCloud ID. As most of your images and all notes disappeared, I suppose that didn’t happen.

    A suggestion for your images:
    Use a third party app to store them. There are quite a few. If you have a Gmail account, load the images from the old iPad to Google Photos. The app can be installed on all of your iDevices, so it’s possible to access the pictures from everywhere.

    As to your notes:
    Use AirDrop to get them to the new device, or set up the email address (old iCloud ID) on the new device in Passwords & Accounts - Accounts, and enable Notes.
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