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    As I understand it, Apps do not count towards the free 5GB allowance, but after my first back up last night I only have 1.1 GB left L and it says my next back up size is 2.0GB and latest backup was incomplete.

    When they say Apps don’t count towards the free allowance do they mean literally the App and not any data which could be stored within it? I can see that my biggest storage hog is ‘Camera Roll’ at 2.4GB, but this only has a mixture of 65 iPAD taken photos and images saved off the web… surely that small amount can’t be 2.4GB can it? I guess I could open up ‘Camera Roll’ in Finder and check?

    I am not convinced by the iCloud, so if I want to stop using it do I simply delete it from my iPad or is there a ‘master off’ switch. I want to continue to use my iMac for back up, but would still like to use the wireless sync, which I am hoping will be possible?

    EDIT: I have just seen where to turn the iCloud Backup off, so I have done that and deleted the data too.

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