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    Well one of the best apps so far (I have many so this is just an app at the top of the top app list) ha ha, I digress, one of these great , fun , and you can actually learn at any age, you know knowledge , like the human nose and ear never stop stops growing, so why should we! Anyway my app of the day is.......... "Science 360 for iPad" !!! This app is brought to us by some of the smarting minds living right now, history is being made here right before our eyes and I would be ashamed to die before I gained some knowledge from the gift these scientists want to share! So, I say to you enjoy and instead of giving your body a work out stop every now and again and exercise your neurons- believe me your body will thank you for it! Just to show the proof. I took two classes this past year : Microbiology/lab and Organic with some inorganic/lab well by the time I finished studying for these classes and reading the texts, doing practice problems along with lab experiments I could not be
    Dive have much weight I had lost and how physically fit my brain felt -no BS there , learning is physically and mentally healthy-go on give it a try- you'll be pleased with the results!!! You all have my best wishes! SS

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