I need some assistance on buy OEM iapple pad2 glass.. Could any body please help me.

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    Hello everyone,

    A Few months ago I purchased ipad 2. Well sux to say but my daughter accidentally shattered my pad 2 glass. :( Now I'm going to fix it and I'm trying to purchase the original front glasses color black for ipad 2. :what:

    Well adies and gentleman's, I need help.. I searched few online vendors who stated thier Website states they have OEM glass from apple.. But reading the reviews from others customers who had the same issued on purchasing the item, stated that glass are not original because does not come with matrix lines on the glass or has the matrix lines.. Huh?? :what:

    The does anybody out there who's had this same issued before and fix thier owen ipad 2, knows where could I purchase the original item glass from online vendor include with double side tape.. :confused:

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