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    I have been having little weird problems with my iPad 1 for awhile now. Just things like apps crashing and a few other things. It was very glitchy. I would type and it would remain blank until the words finally showed up. I hit the back button and it would go to a completely different place than I was previously. I did all the usual things to resolve the issues. I held down both buttons until the Apple logo showed up, I cleared out apps to make space, I always closed running apps. The problem persisted.

    Finally I made a decision. I backed up the apps I really carred about not losing info on like Goodreader. I went into the general area of settings and hit the reset button and then clear all data and settings. This was basically a factory reset. It put my iPad back to its original form. I was a bit nervous at this point hoping I hadn't lost everything. I plugged it into iTunes and hit reset and loaded all my apps back on. It worked!

    I know not everyone has success with this but I have to say, it worked for me. Now it is still understandably slow. That is to be expected. But nothing crashes. Yay! All the glitches are gone. Yay! I know that as the apps get more advanced for the faster iPads things might get slower or not work at all on this one but that's ok. I have plans of getting a new one. I am just so happy to have a working and less frustrating iPad again.

    If you are having problems and nothing else has fixed it don't be afraid to try this. It's not as bad as you think.


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