How to protect your iPad Data from getting lost?

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    iPad is more and more important to our daily life now. And it carries more and more important information and memories on its hard drive. But the truth is, every device has its life circle and accident may happen anytime. So the more data you saved on your device without backing up, the more risks you are taking to lose the data. Here as the developer of iFonebox, I’m not going to tell you how to recover your lost data. Instead, I’d like to tell you the best ways to protect your iPad Data from being lost.

    And if you ask me the most effective way to protect iPad Data from getting lost, I would say, to back up your iPad data with iTunes or iCloud. This is almost a common sense to all iPad users, but only some of them would like to do this frequently since it’s time-taking.

    But this is the safest way since you can extract and recover all data to your computer with recovery tools like iFonebox, or sync all the data back to your iPad or other iOS devices with iTunes.

    The steps to backup data with iTunes are easy but it will take some time.

    1. Connect your iPad to PC or Mac.

    2. Launch iTunes and click the iPad button on the top-right corner of iTunes. It’s on the left of iTunes Store button. If you can’t find the iPad button near the iTunes Store button, it’s highly recommended you to reconnect the iPad or change another USB cable.

    3. On the Backups section, you can click Back Up Now button to back up. If you’d like to set password to the backup, you can check Encrypt iPad backup option.


    4. Wait till iTunes finish the backup process. You can check the date under the Back Up Now button to confirm the latest backup time.

    If you don’t like to wait minutes to launch a computer and then minutes to wait syncing your iPad data to iTunes, to sync your real-time data with iCloud is another good choice. The data can be backed up to iCloud when there’s Wifi or the iPad is plugged in.

    1. Go to Settings >> iCloud

    2. Choose which type of data you’d like to sync with iCloud.


    3. Go to Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. When your iPad is connected to WLAN, or plugged in, data on your iPad will be sent to iCloud automatically.


    If backup with the upper two ways, you are not able to check what you’ve backup in iTunes, or iCoud, you will need iOS device to sync the data to the device and then check what has been backed up. With iFonebox you can easily check and all contacts, notes, photos, videos, voice memos, etc. to the computer in viewable formats like html, csv, jpg, mov, m4a, etc. Or you can back up the data to PC or Mac hard drive directly with iFonebox.

    In a word, the best way to protect is to make backups as frequently as you can. If you happened to lost some data without backup, iFonebox can help you get back the lost data from either the iPad or iTunes backup.

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