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    How many times have you went to the apples App Store and installed an app that
    was appealing to you, and you purchased (or free) to only find out that it sux!
    Well I will be the first to say SO MANY TIMES!
    So after I've done this and hate the app I kick it out to delete it from my home pages and then it goes into the purchased apps on a page in the App Store. Ugh!
    Although it's a small file and it does use some memory they add up , and essentially
    You have created a App Store of crappy apps just for you .(Me ....100+) You cannot delete these from your I pad unless you plug up ,go to iTunes on your P.C., and it takes time . Here is a way and what I did to try these apps out and if you do not like you can
    Kik them to the curb from your iPad , no computer, no iTunes , and bam ! , delete them
    There are several app stores that you can get free, like A piracy site, A piracy site, and paid ones with udids . And are acceptable by apple. (I do not support pirated apps in no manner) I did some research and got in touch with apple before this post and received an email reply back with this answer. Although they (apple) prefers you to use their store they support and recognize apps from other app stores but will not post the updates to them for you. . Well I got to thinking ..... I will try one out . After I installed an
    Alternative App Store. I downloaded a known crappy app and afterward was able to delete with no problem .Way cool. Now you must understand first why is it I can get an app that apple does not have and yet I can get it from another store . It's because although apple does not have it it doesn't meet policy for their criteria to FIT in their store . That's all . From the developer it didn't make apples cut soooo he must go elsewhere.. Horse shit... Have you tried some of the apps that did make the cut!!
    Well there you go then . . A lot of these stores offer the exact same app from apple and some stores revert you back to apples App Store to get your purchase their. But also they offer apps that are not on the App Store that I think should be and find nothing wrong,illicit , or otherwise pirated . And furthermore it does support the developer for what his/her intentions are sought after to begin with . I too along with a team are designing way cool app. that may or may not make the cut on apple or Google play store . It's hard work and if not accepted by the two largest of the app stores we will go somewhere else to get it out there for the public. At whatever it takes.
    SO there you go ! If you have any Q's about this post please post here so others may learn as well. And if you wish not to please feel free to Private Mess. Me. I prefer you
    to follow up here on the Forum, but will respond to your P.M.
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    iPad Forums in no way supports piracy or any means of obtaining pirated content. Not only is it against our rules, downloading pirated content is nothing more than theft.

    With that, this thread is now closed.
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