How are Notes split between e mail a/c's

Discussion in 'iPad 4 Forum' started by TimmiAndi, Jan 4, 2015.

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    I synced my Notes from my Samsung Galaxy S11, which kept them together, to my new iPhone where they were split between my two e mail a/c's. How are they split between the accounts and how do I know which a/c new Notes will be saved on?
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    If you are using the Notes app:

    The Notes app has the ability to sync notes to multiple accounts. It's up to you to decide which accounts Notes will sync with by turning it on for each account in it's settings.

    You switch between different accounts within the notes app by tapping the Accounts button above the list of notes int he left column (in landscape view). Here you can choose to see All Notes, or only notes in a particular account. It works a lot like switching between accounts in Mail, with fewer options.

    You can choose a default account, where new notes are automatically saved. It's in the Mail section of settings under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. If you create a note when viewing All Notes, or by other means like Siri, this is where the new note will be created.

    In the case of Gmail, Yahoo, and the other supported accounts the notes are synced to an email folder in that account. You can not edit those emails directly, or you will corrupt the note. Best to just leave that folder alone.

    Unlike the other accounts, iCloud stores and syncs your notes with an app in (viewable and editable from a computer browser). If you happen to have an Apple Mac computer it will also sync with the note apps there; as long as they are using the same iCloud account.

    If you started creating notes before you enabled an account, you may have local notes as well. This will be a separate folder, treated just like an account. If I remember correctly it was aptly named "Local".


    As for Notes on your Samsung. I have no idea of what you were using for notes on the Samsung, or how you migrated them to the iPhone. I get the impression you got them into the Notes app by some means, but if I'm wrong, then it was probably a Google service.

    If it was Google Docs or Google Keep, you'll have to download the app from the App Store and sign in with your Google account. There is a Google Docs app, but Google Keep has no first party app in the store. There are a few third party apps that are supposed to work with Google Keep. I have no experience with them.

    Worst case, you can go to Google Keep in Safari and use the web interface.

    And that's all I can suggest without more detailed information on how you were syncing notes on the Samsung, and what you are using on the iPad.

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