HootSuite for iPad Arrives on the App Store

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    Mashable reports today that HootSuite has released an iPad app which is designed to help you manage your various social media networks and interactions. HootSuite for iPad is intended to complement your HootSuite web account, providing a migration wizard to help you import all your various accounts from the web version of HootSuite. Essentially, if you’re someone who is active on a lot of different social networks, HootSuite is a very handy way of keeping tabs on them all at once. And not only does it enable you to monitor conversations, it also lets you forward messages and track results, all from your iPad. Here’s a bullet-point list courtesy of HootSuite outlining the iPad apps key features:

    • Manage Twitter accounts, lists, and search streams
    • Update Facebook Profile and Business/Fan Pages
    • Check-in and shout via your Foursquare account
    • Translate messages to/from 50+ languages
    • Schedule messages to send in the future
    • Examine Ow.ly click-through stat reports
    • Add geo-location coordinates to messages
    • Share and store photos and files
    • Shorten web addresses with Ow.ly

    You can download the free app here.

    Source: Mashable, HootSuite

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