Pokémon Go Launches in 15 New Countries and Regions

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    Pokémon Go has finally arrived in the App Store in 15 more countries and regions in Asia and Oceania today, including Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

    Writing about the game’s launch in Singapore, specifically, Mashable reports on the blatant cheating that has been going on. Multiple Gyms appear to have already been taken over by hugely powerful Pokémon, such as the pictured 2358 CP Lapras with a Trainer who is already at Level 35. Both of these things are impossible to achieve in just one day.

    According to Mashable, it’s likely that most of the players involved have managed to level up to such a high degree over the past month, before the game was even released in Singapore, by using various loopholes, such as GPS spoofing, which lets players catch Pokémon without actually having to walk around looking for them like the rest of us do.

    However, those Trainers who are proudly dominating Gyms in Singapore with their spoofed Pokémon and EXP may not be feeling triumphant for very long, as they could well be banned by Niantic, which takes such cheating very seriously.

    Turning to the much more positive aspects of the game’s launch in Singapore, Mashable has also posted lots of social media comments about the excitement caused by the game’s arrival, with reports of the parks full of Pokémon hunters of all ages getting together to join in the hunt. The Singapore Police Force even posted a Police Advisory on Facebook with a long list of warnings about taking care when playing.

    Another plus point about this latest rollout to so many new territories is how well the servers seem to be holding up now, so clearly Niantic is doing a much better job of keeping everything ticking over smoothly during a big rollout.

    Photo credit: Mashable

    Source: 'Pokémon Go' launches in Singapore but cheaters are ruining it for everyone

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