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Discussion in 'iPad Air Forum' started by tractman, Jul 22, 2015.

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    My sent email folder says I have 366 emails in it but they do not show when I open the folder. Where are they hidden? I need to delete them so I can free up some space but I cant locate them

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    I am not sure but you might want to try logging into your email directly, ie Google for gmail, roadrunner for roadrunner mail. They may be on those servers, or whatever you call them and not actually on the pad.

    I know with roadrunner I used to get messages stating that I was almost full with one email address. I had them deleted on the Outlook mail on the PC, but my settings were such that they were not deleted from the server, or something like that. I also had to redistribute storage space between the different email addresses.

    So, your emails may be directly on your server? (Not sure that is what it is called) You might try that. Also, again, I am just guessing, but did not see any replies, so offering my ideas of what to troubleshoot. Also, do you have enough space available on the device? Maybe they can't be downloaded because you don't have room? Are they in your junk or spam folder?

    These are just a few things I would check. I may be way off base with my guesses, but worth a shot.

    Good luck.
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    Or remove the account from your iPad and set it up once again. If you have problems with an email account, this often helps solving them.

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