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    Ot two issues and can't figure out how to post

    In apps, print will sometimes recognize my HP 8610. Other times it cranks away for a while and then says, no airprinter found???

    Have Gmail. Shows about 600 messages and 200 important. Nothing I do materially decreases the number. I edit, check about a hundred and delete. then I go into trash, junk etc and delete all The number might go down 5

    Any help appreciated

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    When I try to print immediately after turning on the printer, I get the same result, so I'm waiting for a few seconds, until I use the feature, or, if my iPad can't find the printer, I let it search once more, which solves the problem, mostly.

    To your problem with Gmail:
    In most cases, deleting the account and setting it up again on your iPad will help. If it doesn't, take a look at your account's settings online, using a browser.
    Do you use Gmail with the built in app, or one of the apps Google provides (Gmail, Inbox)? These should work better than the built in Mail app. That's my experience.
    If you use Gmail with the built in app: did you use the "Google" option when you set it up?

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