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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by swp4lfe, Aug 24, 2011.

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    Hello My account keeps getting disabled from itunes since i put a dispute on a payment to itunes and i won. So they disabled my account and i am trying to get it enabled again, So i switch my password, my apple ID, and since i done all that I have to activate/approve paypal for itunes again. BUT i am away from MY PC and my Itunes contents but i do have access to a friends PC and their itunes but im afraid IF i connect my ipad to their itunes something bad will happen with either one of our contents. SO i was wondering is there a way to setup my paypal payments with itunes through Ipad or just with a PC??

    Everything else works on my ipad, I have wifi working, I just cant download, update any apps or anything with itunes, app store, etc..

    Help me out I wont be able to get to my personal PC for another week.

    I contacted apple and im waiting to hear back.

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