HELP!!! Syncing tunes on iTunes has become a nightmare!!!

Discussion in 'iPad 1 Forum' started by Neil Hursthouse, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Neil Hursthouse

    Neil Hursthouse
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    Dec 18, 2012
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    Trying to add music to itunes for a party tomorrow night so I need a swift reply :eek:

    It has to be THE most impossible task I've ever attempted!!

    I select 'manually manage music' on the summary page, then click the songs I want (that are already in the itunes library) but the snyc button remains grey'd out.

    Can anyone give me a simple guide to syncing music ... or anything for that matter ... to the iPad. Both me and my wife are absolutely mystified!!

    Many thanks in advance :eek:
  2. Mini_mi

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    Apr 8, 2012
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    You give a lot of info such as operating system but here is a link to help you:

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