HELP IPAD 2 Im going crazy trying to figure this out

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by scarface9117, Dec 15, 2013.

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    I recently was trying to charge my ipad, I plugged it in to what I thought was a good charger, well I noticed it began to charge then suddenly stopped and I nudged the charger and it started to charge again and didn't stop I waited around to see if it would stop again and it didnt. I left my house for about 2 hours came back and i saw my ipad was on the boot logo and the screen had some multicolored horizontal lines, 4 of them spaced pretty evenly on the screen and the edges of the picture where odd looking as well. I hit the sleep button and it shut off then brought the boot logo up again and did it a couple more times then I noticed it started to run some script on the bottom left hand side it would pop up pretty quickly so I didn't really get to read what it was saying but then it would start what looked like a heart monitor type line or a line graph slowly appear from left to right I would boot a couple more times then just go black with some more odd horizontal lines then just stay like that all of this happened in about half hours time the whole time I had it hooked up to the charger the ipad came with. I tried a factory reset where you power it down and hold the home button the plug it in to a computer it would connect and begin the process then it would just throw an error. I am going to try letting it charge through the night and try doing another factory reset because a couple times it would just die and go to the battery with red in it screen indicating I needed to charge it. I am stumped I don't know why its doing this, it hasn't been dropped or water damaged why the sudden glitch has anyone ever experienced this before I would appreciate any help I can get Thank You!

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