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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by YaddaYadda, Mar 3, 2016.

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    I'm 76 and a confirmed Luddite. Our daughter gave my wife a iPad2. Model MGTX2LL/A...version 9.2.1 (13D15), ser# DMPNHCAXG5W1. Daughter says this iPad does not support cellular.

    She is probably right....but my wife really wants to use this iPad via Verizon cellular, when we are traveling in our RV. Her smart phone now works with Verizon cellular.

    So....does this iPad now work with cellular ? If not....can a new SIM card be installed ? And/or can her smart phone be used as a hot spot....for the iPad ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Chances are your wife's smart phone has a hotspot feature. This creates a local wi-fi network that the iPad can join and use when mobile. It's not quite as convinient as having a cellular capable iPad, but it's close.

    How to activate the hotspot on the phone varies depending on the phone's OS and version; but the iPad just sees it as another wi-fi spot that it can join.

    Keep in mind the iPad will be using the smartphones data allowance. It will also drain the phone's battery faster than usual; so it's best to turn it on only when the iPad is in use.
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    Hello Yadda x2 - I entered your serial # above on the EveryMac website and you forgot to put a very important additional term in your description, i.e. you were given an iPad Air 2, a MUCH more recent model (see the screen capture below of its description) - a year ago last fall, I upgraded my iPad 2 (2011 release) to the iPad Air 2 - a great iPad, BUT (and like mine) you are limited to Wi-Fi only, i.e. there is no way to add cellular to this device, sorry.

    Thus, the iPad has to connect to a Wi-Fi network and several options include: 1) Staying in your RV where local Wi-Fi networks are available (lots of free ones in coffee shops, restaurants, etc. - on the road, wife & I have Wi-Fi only iPads, so we stay at places w/ that service); 2) Obtaining a Verizon plan for the iPhone that can setup a Wi-Fi hotspot - this will cost extra (wife has an iPhone 6 but not a plan for this option); and 3) Obtain a MiFi Device, which will setup a local Wi-Fi network via cellular - an extra cost and likely offered by Verizon - check w/ them. Dave :)
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