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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by jon229, Feb 3, 2017.

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    So I found discussion here about no health app on iPad.
    Reasons seem logical enough.

    So I am supposed to take my iPhone in to physician and say here....this is my data. Hope you can see it on this tiny little screen....

    Is there a way to move data from iPhone health app to iPad so I can actually see it? I just started playing w/ this app on my iPhone6 and the graphs kinda hard to see. Just wondering if anyone knows a way to get some of this data onto my iPad Pro.

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    There are several apps that can export your Health data as a report (once you grant them access. Some are specific, like for diabetes, weight managment, or exercise data. A few are more general in nature.

    I suggest you first check with your doctor on what kind of health data is needed, and the format to use; then search the App Store for applicable apps.

    Some apps even offer direct access for your doctor. For instance the diabetes app I use has a care giver acount type that lets a doctor (with your permission) access the relevant data from his own computer or device.

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