HBO Go Standalone Subscription Service Launching in 2015

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by PhilSynowiec, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Parent company Time Warner announced on Wednesday that it will be offering a standalone streaming service for HBO Go in 2015. Currently the service is only available to customers who subscribe to HBO via triple-play services from telecommunications companies.

    HBO Go allows customers to stream popular shows from the network, like Game of Thrones, straight to an iOS or mobile device. Show that stream on the app are usually available a few months after initial air dates. Previously customers would have to pay $100+ dollars for a cable TV package, but it seems HBO is trying to make the service available to more customers by charging a small, monthly subscription just for HBO Go.

    HBO GO is currently available on a plethora of mobile device including Android, iOS, and even Apple TV, so it's no wonder the company is trying to have its shows streamed to millions upon millions of customers. No word on a specific release date, but folks can expect HBO Go subscriptions to be available some time next year.
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    Fantastic news in every regard! We dumped pay TV years ago due to the obnoxious costs and all or nothing channel offerings. This is hopefully a step closer to true ala carte style channel offerings that the entire world has been waiting for. Props to HBO!
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    So maybe I will watch Game of Thrones, eventually, though I'm still more likely to buy the books.

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