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    Hi there!

    Having used Microsoft all my life, I finally decided to try out Apple last year and bought an iPad. More out of curiosity than actual necessity...

    Now, where I used to bring my old Toshiba SS S9 whenever I left the house, the iPad - which was originally bought for family use - has taken over the space in my bag. -Much easier to pull out an iPad on a jam-packed morning train than a laptop. -Much easier to have pull out an iPad in a store to double-check that the specifications on stick of memory I am about to buy actually matches the requirements of the computer that I need to upgrade. -Much easier to... -Well I could go on...!

    My iPad with Skype was my first re-established line of communication out of Japan on 311 when all other telecommunications went down. Standing in the middle of the streets packed with hundreds of thousands of people heading out of the metropolis, with a kid in one hand and the iPad in the other, I was able to connect and get the message out that we were ok.

    -Still waiting for a proper iPad version of Skype, by the way. -What? Oh, so Microsoft has decided to change the name to Spy-ke?

    Post-311 I have begun moving into the cloude, and with the iPad a new world is unfolding before me! Fascinating!

    An iPad newbie I look forward to being part of the forum.



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