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    Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps app may not be one of its most popular moves, but at least it gives us plenty to write about! For example, AppleInsider reports that new images have emerged of Google’s own in-house Maps iOS app, which it has been developing after its original app was replaced by Apple’s own in-house Maps app. According to AppleInsider, the images, which were first posted by developer Ben Guild and reported on by Forbes, show what would appear to be an iOS device running a native version of Google Maps, which according to the developer is undergoing alpha testing at present. While there is no indication as to where Guild got the photos from, he certainly seems to be clued up on the inner workings of the forthcoming app, saying that it is vector-based, has two-fingered rotation to any angle, is very fast, “super†fast, in fact, and supports the iPhone 5’s bigger screen surface.

    Source: Photos allegedly show native Google Maps app for iOS
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    google is the best

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