Google Calendar App Comes to iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 29, 2017.

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    Google Calendar app now optimised for iPad.JPG

    If you’re someone that uses Google Calendar app for iOS you’ll be interested to know that Google has just released an update to the app that comes complete with a native iPad interface that utilises the extra screen space available when using an iPad.

    Now, when using Google Calendar on your iPad, you can see much more of the information on the screen, particularly when viewing weekly or monthly dates. You’ll find that the sidebar hides less of the screen, and editing an event just got much easier as it now appears as a pop-up rather than covering the whole of the screen. You can even pick a colourful background for each view, if you choose.

    Other than these optimizations for the iPad screen, the rest of the app is exactly the same as the iPhone version. For example, your events will feature in Spotlight searches, and the app has the ability to automatically manage your schedule in order to fit in personal goals, as well as picking out the perfect time and room for work meetings.

    Source: Google Calendar gains native Apple iPad interface with latest iOS update
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    Now if they would just provide a Contacts app they would have a full house.

    Not that I care much. I still prefer the Apple apps, but back when I was trying to use Googles apps as comparison, I always ran into the lack of a good contacts app.

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