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    Hi all,

    I have a 64gb Wifi iPad 2 running ios 5.1.1 (the latest firmware at this point)

    I have a gmail account and have been inputting quite a lot of important dates. This is where my problem occurs. I have several calendars. my Default one, one for work, one for home and one for my bills and car stuff.

    Anyway I'm having a problem where only my "default" calendar is syncing to my ipad 2. All the other calendars aren't syncing to it at all. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and all my calendars appear fine on my phone.

    Just for some reason the only account that syncs to my ipad 2 is my default calendar. Also just to note that if I change any of my other appointments that are on my work calendar to my default one they do then appear.

    Can anyone help?
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    Jan 8, 2011
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    You can sync multiple calendars from GMail, but you have to set your account up as an Exchange account; not the default (IMAP) account setup for GMail.

    Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device - Google Mobile Help

    The second tab on the site tells you how to set up sync for your other calendars. In a nut shell, after you've got the account set up, you visit in Safari on the iPad, choose the Sync app, select your device, then checkmark all the calendars you want to sync. Don't forget to tap Save.

    As a bonus, you'll be able to sync you Google Contacts as well. It won't preserve Groups/Labels, but it's better than nothing.

    If you've been using Google to sync your Notes, you can keep doing so. Instead of deleting the default (IMAP) account, just turn off everything but the Notes syncing. As long as you are careful to only turn on each service once between the two accounts, having both an Exchange and IMAP account set up for your GMail will work just fine.

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