Gifts HD iPad App Aims to Help With the Stress of Holiday Gift Buying

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    As the holiday season approaches and the stress starts to mount, a company called Macspots has devised an iPad app called Gifts HD, which is the first iPad app to address the needs of users that want to track their gifts and budgets for everyone on their holiday shopping list. And Gifts HD even goes that extra mile by enabling you to comparison shop from within the actual app.

    Here are Gifts HD’s main features, courtesy of Macspots:

    • Designed for multiple users (the whole family)
    • Add unlimited amounts of people to buy for
    • Add budgets for the list and each person on the list
    • Keep Track Gift details for each person
    • Summary report shows total amount spent per person, purchased gifts, left to wrap, estimated budget and cost per person
    • Built-in To do list and calculator
    • Built in Browser that pulls in your To Do list
    • Tap on the To Do list and the browser will search GoogleProducts for those items
    • Email summary of your gifts and your To Do list
    You can download Gifts HD here for $4.99.

    Source: Macspots

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