G'day everybody - just a newboy wanting to learn

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by peterseaford, Feb 12, 2017.

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    My name is peter and i have just turned 78 - the wife and i live in Seaford and i usually like my old laptop in ubuntu.
    My wife has a newish ipad - about three years old and she reads the news papers and loves face book to keep in touch with the family around the world.
    we have a camper and in the cooler months we love to wander around Victoria but now we have a pug Puff we will have to see how that goes - Puff is adopted and he is two and a wonderful companion
    recently our local community center offered a course in ipad and iphone operating and i hoped the wife might enjoy with me but - no luck so i go by myself.
    i really enjoy photography and was stunned at what the ipad can do so i am thinking about buying an ipad pro that will accept a sim card and with amaysim i can get a data card for 100 dollars ,10 gig and lasts a year.
    that would be beaut when we travel as at home we have optus wifi .
    Norma had an old ipad that i am practicing on - it has no camera at all so its old but if i can recover the sign in name and password it will be beaut to use in the kitchen for recipes
    just discovered that my hp printer will accept airdrop if i can download the app from apple - need name and password or maybe just start a new account but have asked the forum about that on facebook
    thought the ipad pro would be better as a replacement for my laptop - i like to surf the web - email - and do tutorials which i can do on the ipad
    would value your opinions as to how best to save say photographs - would i be able to save to an external hard drive for example
    have a wonderful day
    kind regards
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    That old iPad without a camera would be the original iPad 1 model. If you don't have the sign in name and password, you'll have to connect the iPad to iTunes on your computer and restore it. This will erase everything on the iPad including that sign in Name and password. You can then set it up as a new iPad with your own Apple ID and password and can download any apps that will still run on iOS 5.1.2, which is the latest iOS version that the iPad 1 is capable of running.

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