Gartner: Apple will sell 300 million devices by the end of 2013

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    Market research firm Gartner, has just released its latest speculative report. In it, the company predicts the tech business will continue to flourish in 2013, following the trend from last year. Consumers will go on to purchase PCs, tablets and of course mobile phones, so the global market for such devices will grow 5.9%.

    However, this is a cumulative percentage and it does not translate for actual growth in all the sectors mentioned above. For example, ​​good old desktop PCs will be experiencing a drop in sales with 10.6%, indicating that people are rapidly moving away from the bulky home computer to the light and mobile tablet. According to the research conducted by Gartner, tablets will see an amazing rise in sales, with 67.9% more customers purchasing such devices. Mobile phones sales are also on the rise but their increase is not so drastic like we see in tablets. In 2013 we will see 4.3% more mobile shipments.

    Gartner’s study also takes into account Apple’s future for 2013 and states the tech giant is going to ship about 300 million devices by the end of the year. Apple’s worldwide device shipments will increase by over 14% for 2014. However, the company will be surpassed by Android and Windows.

    The official Gartner press release explained that Apple dropping to 3rd place is not actually a defeat.

    "Although the numbers seem to paint a clear picture of who the winner will be when it comes to operating systems (OS) in the device market, the reality is that today, ecosystem owners are challenged in having the same relevance in all segments. Apple is currently the more homogeneous presence across all device segments, while 90 percent of Android sales are currently in the mobile phone market and 85 percent of Microsoft sales are in the PC market."

    Source: Gartner

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