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Free App "Happy Chinese New Year" is coming soon

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by cavtv, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    The red color, lanterns, firecrackers, and dumplings—not one of these Chinese New Year elements is missing.
    Chinese New Year celebrations are rich in variety, including temple fairs, exhibitions, performances, parades, and lectures.

    The "Happy Chinese New Year" software is an application one with Chinese New Year as its main thematic content.

    "Happy Chinese New Year" comes in both Chinese and English languages, and every interface can toggle instantly between languages. The interface design is elegant. It is user-friendly, easy to operate, and filled with holiday spirit. The content of five different “Chinese Childrenâ€each represent "Happy Chinese New Year, " "Chinese Shows in the World," "Greeting," "Cultures," and "Link". When you click them, a window of knowledge into Chinese New Year opens for you. Moreover, with just a click, a Chinese-style holiday greeting card is available for you to send to your friends and relatives. If you would like, you can also share the software with others.

    We bring you the joy of celebrating the Chinese New Year, as well as fun and good wishes, and hope that you will enjoy this software, and share this magnificent Chinese holiday with us.


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