Firefox won’t come to iOS until Apple mellows up on browser policies

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By RaduTyrsina on Mar 11, 2013 at 2:15 PM
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    Are you a fan of the Firefox browser? If so, you would probably like to see Firefox become available once again for your iOS devices, but according to a new report, you might have to wait a little bit before the option becomes viable. And Apple is to blame to that, according to Firefox executives.

    And if Apple doesn’t want Firefox, Firefox doesn’t want Apple either. Vice president Jay Sullivan was reported saying this week that the fiery Fox will not come jumping from the forest and onto iOS devices until Apple eases up on its browser policies. The company pulled the browser off the Apple App Store back in September 2012.

    But what are the policies Sullivan complains about?​​ He explained the problems the company has with Apple regulation at the South of Southwest Interactive Panel which was held this weekend. Currently, Apple does not allow browsers that don’t use WebKit on its devices. Therefore, Firefox is being restricted and can’t be developed in the appropriate manner. And that’s not all, users who wanted to set Firefox as their default browser on their iOS devices were prevented from doing so, because Cupertino doesn’t allow other browsers despite Safari to occupy that position.

    Other members of the panel have complained about the issue at the event. Chief Software Architect David Dehgahn drew attention during the conference that Apple is basically inhibiting competition in the mobile browser environment, concluding that users are the ones who suffer in the end. Another presence in the mobile browser ecosystem, Opera, has recently released a WebKit version of Opera aimed at the iOS environment.

    However, in an unexpected twist, the moderator overseeing the panel performed a quick poll asking the people in the public if they suffered from the apparent “injustice†of not having more mobile browsers to choose from. The result was quite extraordinary as very few crowd members raised their hands.

    Source: Cnet
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Mar 11, 2013.

    1. Sonicrobby
      I think its kind of funny that Firefox thinks that its a big deal that they aren't on Apple devices :p But either way, Apple doesn't care whether or not firefox has an iOS app, the only people mozilla is screwing over are their users. But their loyalty to a browser isn't enough to get the users to switch devices or demand change from Apple; they will find workarounds, use other browsers, and live on.
    2. CoreDump
      Apple cared enough to yank it from the app store. I wonder why?
    3. tlbaker
      You can barely get it on a Mac as well.

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    4. alicepattinson
      I love Chrome than Firefox :) but chrome in iOs is really not good :eek:
    5. Sleaka J
      Sleaka J
      I was a die-hard Firefox user on Windows for many years. Then I started using Chrome on both Windows and iOS (to sync bookmarks and open pages) and haven't looked back since. I've even uninstalled Firefox. I wouldn't be surprised if others did the same things. The only thing Mozilla is doing by dragging their feet is screwing over their users.

      Good luck to them, but I've moved on.
    6. Mesqueunclub
      Horses for courses really. If we all liked the same things in life, how boring would that be. Each has its own pros and cons but personally I feel happy to let Apple choose which is best from a POV of security. Why try and fix something that already works? JMHO
    7. s2mikey
      I like the Atomic browser and Safari works too. Just don't see this being a big deal.
    8. gsl
      I downloaded the Firefox browser app for the iPad at the first of this week and as yet have not received the instructions for creating a Firefox sync account, which I was told would be e-mailed to the address requested by the app. Is this a fallout of the rift between Firefox and Apple?
    9. tlbaker
      I use the cab, safari, dolphin, google. The more, the merrier in case one craps out or u need to look up stuff while placing an online order.

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