Mozilla Said to be Working on a Firefox Web Browser for iPhones and iPads

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    It seems that Mozilla is reportedly planning return to iOS with a new Firefox Web browser, according to a recent story from TechCrunch. For the past year, Mozilla has categorically said that it wouldn’t release a version of Firefox for iOS because Apple won’t let it use its own web engine on its platform.​

    But now with a new CEO on board, it seems that Mozilla’s position could be changing. At an internal Mozilla event in Portland today, the organization talked about the need to get its browser onto iOS and here's what the company recently said in a blog post:

    "At Mozilla, we put our users first and want to provide an independent choice for them on any platform. We are in the early stages of experimenting with something that allows iOS users to be able to choose a Firefox-like experience. We work in the open at Mozilla and are just starting to experiment, so we’ll update you when we have more to share."

    So, at the moment, it seems that this is just an 'experiment', which in other words means that the company has started the work behind the curtains.

    Apple requires third-party developers use its own WebKit rendering engine and JavaScript components when building Web browsers for iOS. Thus, it makes sure that all iPhone and iPad browsers share similar ingredients, which helps increase the security.

    Mozilla held a presence on iOS with Firefox Home, an app meant to sync Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs with Apple's portable devices, but the program was killed off in 2012. And now it seems that Mozilla is ready for a grand comeback.

    Source: TechCrunch
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