Filming Gets Underway for Steve Jobs Movie at Jobs’ Childhood Home

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    AppleInsider reports that principal filming for the forthcoming Steve Jobs movie that has been written by Aaron Sorkin begun on Friday at the house in California where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computer back in 1976.

    According to the original report on CNET, the film crew is busy prepping the set, and in particular the famous garage in Los Altos, California, where Jobs and Wozniak first started dreaming about what would eventually become the world’s biggest company.

    The house was revealed as one of the locations for the movie in one of the leaked emails that were part of the huge Sony hack at the end of last year. Other locations included “two auditoriums, a restaurant and a garage.”

    Having bought the rights to Walter Isaacson’s Jobs biography not long after his death in 2011, Sony eventually dropped the project in November of 2014, only for Universal to rescue it almost immediately.


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