Universal Studios Acquires Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie Biopic

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    Lately, there's been a lot of talk with regards to the upcoming Steve Jobs movie. The rights for the film, which is based on Walter Isaacson’s much-respect biography of Jobs, have belonged to Sony Pictures for the last two years. But now, according to a fresh report from the HollywoodReport publication, Universal Studios has bought the rights for around $30 million.

    The publication says that Danny Boyle will direct the script written by Aaron Sorkin. Michael Fassbender is said to star in the film, and previous rumors suggested that it would be the main role. The movie is being produced by Scott Rudin, Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady.

    Christan Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio are among the actors who have been rumored to play the role of the late Apple CEO. Seth Rogen and Jessica Chastain are reportedly likely to join the cast, with the former playing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and the latter taking on the role of Steve Jobs' daughter.

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