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    I guess instead of introducing, I will tell you about my newest i-pad applications!
    Japanese Spinning Lamp
    There's this awesome new application for the I-Pad. I've been using it as decoration in my room and when people come over to hang out at my apartment! It's like the Japanese spinning lamps we used to use as kids, only a high tech version

    It has four free themes to chose from, music to chose from. You can even play songs from you i-tunes library, so sometimes I use it just as a background when I am playing music while cleaning etc. There's also a timer so it's great when your going to bed or just dont want to forget about having it on. You can customize everything from the colors to the clock, mute control and tapping the screen for pixie dust is always fun!
    Check it out!! It's a new one of my favorites!

    Spin Lamp dot com!

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