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    Just synced up my Ipad 1 (transferred purchases) because I had videos and songs on my ipad that my dad wanted on his ipad 2, everything there went fine, except that my memory on my computer I used was semi full so I-tunes said it only synced some of the movies and songs. Ok fine, the good ones got moved over anyways. But when I went the the ipad 1 to listen to music, Everything is gone. Checked to see if movies where there, everything gone. except for the things that got synced to iTunes perfectly :mad: Please help soon! im going on a plane tomorrow and really don't want to cross the atlantic getting screwed over $200 by apple sitting for 8 hours in the middle isle with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs. Also, the captcha question was what company is leading the pants revolution... i'm pretty sure most people where pants so therefore there can be no revolution.

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    also, remember that the only things that are still there are some songs my brother downloaded on a different device, tv show #1 (full season, was fully synced to itunes), half of season number 2 (those episodes where synced) and the 1 movie that was synced to itunes was not there (if you are curious, it was how i met your mother). i had like 12 other movies (I mean what else am i gonna do with 64 gigs right?) i think about 8 (at most) where downloaded from the computer and moved over. there where about 4 that were only saved on the ipad (purchased). alot of things were just backed up, and after 1 week of owning an external hard drive (not enough time to get around to buying another, because this one was free from the company because the previous one was broken) with the backups, beyond affordable repair.

    also, all the songs, even the ones that i didn't buy from any where are removed (but i think most are still in itunes on my computer)

    one last thing. When I click on purchased items on the ipad, (under itunes store) all that shows up is stuff that was synced to itunes, and anything else like all the movies or other music that wasn't synced but was purchased on the ipad, not there.
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