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    In our online business, we send out weekly broadcasts to subscribers via our newsletter mail provider. In the emails, we have a navigation bar at the top with links to specific places in the email to take viewers directly to those sections of the newsletter.

    On my desktop, the navigation bar links only requires one click, which is how it should be across various devices.

    However, on our iPads, it requires a double tap to go the any of those specific locations.

    Other links in the email, e.g. to our 'featured video' (typically on YouTube) only require the single tap.

    Is there a solution to this and if so what is it?

    Thank you.

  2. twerppoet

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    Jan 8, 2011
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    Without seeing the HTML involved, I can only guess, but since were talking about a navigation bar it's probably going to depend on what tools were used to create it. The other links are probably normal HTML <a></a> style links. The navigation bar could be anything from a simple HTML table, to CSS to Javascript; or a combination.

    Get with whoever creates these emails for you and have them try a simple table style navigation bar.

    And that is the limit of my knowledge on the subject.

    Good luck,

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