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    From the guidance of folks here on the forum (thanks everyone) I have learned about a number of resources that comes either from Apple or from individual programmers and they have been eye-opening.

    One example of this is Pages. I had never heard about this before, but apparently it has been in the Apple portfolio for some time (how long I don't know). I'm still learning about it, and it works pretty well. What I don't like about it is that it doesn't always talk well with PC-based Microsoft Word documents. The most uncooperative characteristic seems to be spacing functions (tabs, character spaces, page feeds, etc.). I download a two-page document and it opens in Pages as a 5-page doc.

    I also notice that the iPad wants to change some fonts to something with a different name ("arial" to "arialMT").

    Is there a means to know how to anticipate these differences and be immediately ready to fix them properly? And is there a manual that acompanies Pages (besides the very brief into that starts when you open it the first time)?


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