Draw Something Surpasses 50 Million Downloads Milestone in Just 50 Days

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    Just as predicted, the now Zynga-owned Draw Something is fast becoming this year’s Angry Birds, with Zynga today announcing that the Pictionary-alike game has already achieved more than 50 million downloads in just 50 days. The game was developed by OMGPOP, which was then sold to Zynga for around $200 million. This is what Zynga had to say about the fantastic news, according to Mobile Entertainment:
    According to the BBC, Zynga says that during peak times, more than 3,000 drawings are created per second by Draw Something players, and more than six billion drawings in total have been created since the app was launched. So popular has the game become, the BBC writes, that scammers are now trying to con players by offering fake prizes via Twitter and Facebook!

    Click here to download the free app: App Store - Draw Something Free

    Source: Draw Something hits 50m downloads in 50 days | Mobile content industry news | Mobile Entertainment
    BBC News - Draw Something is 'fastest growing' mobile game
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    All those stick figures....boggles the mind

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