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Does anyone know if an App exists....?

Discussion in 'Official iPadForums.net App Forum' started by beccabowns, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. beccabowns

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    Jan 31, 2013
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    Tasks: (Photo Image Splitting into smaller Tile Sizes) Ever since I came across this DIY blog: (google "How-to-make-a-unique-tile-picture-for-less-than-$3) I've wanted to attempt this project, however I was destined to find an App to help which I've come close to NOTHING! (Even interested in an online software that you may know) OTHER THAN THE WEBPAGES suggested in the comments of the blog. (Tried them, don't work). I would like a program/App that automatically knows how many pixels, size, the image u choose is, then have it provides options for you to split image either in equal parts automatically mirror image and splitting into (squares 3x3) or even rectangular images split equally (4x3) etc. without having to measure the image size manually first, then convert from pixels to inches or centimeters and crop yourself using some kind of ruler or photoshop cropping tools on lines. I want an easy App to do it for me :) please please provide suggestions! THX

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