Different kind of hacking.

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    Well , I suppose this falls under I pad forums policy ,it ain't jailbreak hacking !
    I was reading an article the other day and have come to the conclusion that
    If a peice of shi stuff hacking thief were to want something bad enough , he'll
    get it . I'm talking about Ransomware.... If you are familiar with this then no need to
    go into the whole schpill of it . But for ones who do not I'll explain in an elementary
    form . What these guys do is they basically hold your computer hostage until you
    pay the ransom . They hack in to your everything , documents, private accts . And yes all files . ,even photos. Then they encrypt it so you can't access YOUR information.
    They ask for X amount of dollars payable by bit/coin that you have to pay to get the KEY to unlock. And they do this in the most polite way possible.. CRAP . THAT WOULD PISS ME OFF EVEN MORE . Man up sisters , if you are going to steal my
    Data at least act like a gangster ... Or a pirate or somthing of .,.....
    They are coming in on the browsers you use with an inviting Pop Up ... So far this is supposed to be the no. 1 way. So here's what is my best honest , all I know how to help
    Protect yourself. Backup , Backup ,Backup...on a regular basis. Turning off your device , computer will not work. When you do this you can pull from your latest backup,
    They cannot access as easy . #2 if you see a pop up or an email that you think is fishy , or unsure of , Delete it then . Don't go and check it out as if you want to investigate it,
    or save it to read later , this is another way the can get on board with your shi..Delete it right then .... And #3 reassign yourself another password with 10 + characters. One
    good way to a good password is to use partial sentences from a favorite book you read in 8th grade or some famous quote , but add other characters instead of a vowel , or use symbols in the sentence.... example ....... Say I have an "A" in a word and I want to make it more difficult I could use " @ ". Instead . After all you can't always catch a thief, but the idea is to slow em down , until they slip up or so frustrated they move on
    LATER ON .....

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