Dead Space for iOS Gets an Update

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    [ame=]YouTube - Dead Space Official Trailer - iPhone & iPad[/ame]​

    EA’s Dead Space iOS game just has to be one of the best survival horror experiences around right now for the iPad and iPhone – it’s brilliantly paced, very compelling, and is particularly effective when played alongside the console game Dead Space 2, setting the stage for the events that occur in the equally compelling and terrifying Xbox 360 and PS3 game.

    The horrifically visceral gaming experience provided by the iOS game just got even better today, with EA releasing a big update, which features an all-new Survival Mode where you have to last as long as you can against relentless hordes of Necromorphs in order to earn extra credits that can then be used to buy equipment, weapons, ammo and so on in the main game.

    Survival Mode has two sub modes: “Endless,†which has no time limit, no auto health regeneration, and combos reward health and credits, and “5 Minutes to Kill,†where kills buy you more time and higher combos award more credits.

    Talking of weapons, the update also includes a new weapon, the Heavy Pulse Rifle, which you can either obtain with your credits, or buy from the in-game store.

    Chapter select replays are another great addition, where you get to replay your favourite unlocked chapters all over again and practice your Necromorph dismemberment skills until they’re limb-severingly perfect!

    And finally, as if the game wasn’t already terrifying enough, EA has added the Nightmare difficulty level for the hardcore Dead Space fanatic, where your health will only regenerate between levels. Brutal!

    Well done to EA for a cracking, totally free update for an already excellent game. Click here to download it for $4.99 (part of EA’s Memorial Day weekend sale): Dead Space? for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

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