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    Hi, I'm a little new to the iPad but have had iPhones since the 3G came out. I have been trying to figure this out since I got my iPad a couple weeks ago and just cant get it.

    First is the wifi.... To put it nicely it blows on the iPad. I have an N network in my house set to 100% range distance and my apt is 1200sqft. Yet I step out on my balcony and wifi drops in and out, but on my iPhone 4 and netbook I still have full signal. Why is the iPad losing signal? I knew there used to be an issue with the ipads wifi but I thought that got fixed with the first update.

    Second is I bought this primarily for school. I take most of my class only and sometimes they require me to attach files. This would be easy if I could do it through but schools run on blackboard and it uses a "browse" button to search my system for the file. On my net book I click "browse" follow to my docs and choose the right file. I'm not able to do this with the iPad. I downloaded and that did nothing. Rather than keep wasting money on apps I figured I'd ask here.

    Other than that I love this thing. Just in buying e-text books on it instead of print copies, I saved $460 this semester alone. So it pretty much paid for itself :D:)

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