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Discussion in 'iCloud' started by MarkBat, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Hi all. I am relatively new to my iPad and very new to iCloud. I have previously had my music on a desktop PC at home, and happily selectively synch music from an iTunes library on that PC to my iPhone.

    I have recently bought an iPad 4 and want to get my music loaded on that. I use a Windows 7 laptop for work, and it makes more sense (I think) for me to link the iPad to the PC since I tend to mostly have those two devices in the same place. So having made that choice I needed to find a way to get my music onto the iPad.

    (By the way, the iPad is happily working in general with the laptop iTunes.)

    Enter iCloud to the equation. It occurred to me that I could use that synch music from iTunes on the home desktop, and through the magic of iCloud I would even get higher quality versions of some tracks. I installed the iCloud stuff onto the PC and enabled iTunes on it for iCloud. All good - my music was now available on the iPad. BUT it then occurred to me that to be able to listed to the music offline (e.g. when on a plane) I would need to go and manually download all the music - using like 3GB of badwidth or something...It seems to me that a better solution would be to manually copy all the music (the original files) from the home desktop to my laptop, and then just get iTunes to synch it for me.

    Having done the first bit easily enough, and setup a couple of my playlists again manually on the laptop, I decided to get some of it sycnhed over to the iPad. However, none of the tracks are being synched! I am not seeing the option in iTunes for the iPad device to control the synching behaviour...I just get the general option to 'synch only selected music' or not, but under 'Music' for the iPad in iTunes there are none of the options I would expect to see like being able to select to do so by Playlist, and then able to select different Playlists to synch, etc.

    HOW do I tell iTunes I want to synch over all (or even some) of the music???

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