Conflicting Tweaks???

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by Icarus75, Apr 11, 2013.

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    My issue is with an iPod Touch 2G, but since this is relevant to all iOS devices, I assume it's okay to post here.

    I have recently installed the whited00r 6 custom firmware on my iPod Touch, (yes, I finally resolved the error with iTunes!) and so far, I haven't installed any Cydia tweaks I'd like to keep, but I did download Unified iPod, which unifies the music and videos app. However, this caused the Settings app to crash, and removed the battery percentage, which is part of the whited00r package already installed on Cydia with the firmware.

    I removed it, which stopped the errors, but I still really like the idea of having all of my media in one place, so, how can I resolve the conflicts that Unified iPod creates?

  2. Icarus75

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    Any ideas??
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    Whilst your assumption that it is OK to post here is fine, you have to realise that a 2G iPod Touch running a 3.1.3 based custom firmware is not comparable to ANYTHING which relates to iPad jailbreaking, and your problems are specific to the unified iPod music apps, which again just isn't relevant to the iPad.

    I'm still running 3.1.3 JB on my iPhone3G, but am not using whited00r. Sorry, but I'd strongly suggest you seek out some specific whited00r forums / support to get an answer to your query.

    Good Luck.

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