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    This isn't so much an "iPad" question as it is an iTunes question.

    I see from iTunes that I have 4 computers authorized. I happen to KNOW that at least ONE of those of my laptop BEFORE I upgraded the hard drive and reinstalled Windows on it. Doing a DEAUTHROIZE is one of those things I forgot.

    I have searched Google and found a couple of different places where you can supposedly "manage" your authorized computers. Other searches say differently, that you can only deauthroize ALL something like 1 time every 12 months.

    I suppose I could do this but, if there were a way to manage it would be easier. Also, I found there is a device limit? I now have 3 iPads, but, one is being given to my son who will have his own account with his new iPhone.

    I have 2 others, along with 2 iPods, and Apple TV, iMac, and a new iPhone. I didn't want my wife to have to deal with all of mine an my daughters apps, so I put her new iPhone on a separate account too.

    We all have never had iPhones before.

    So, is there any way to "manage" authorized computers, or do I just have to "clean house" once in awhile?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You [now] can de-authorize computers at any time. You can (1) de-authorize one computer at a time (but only if you have access to the computer ... as you do the de-authorizing on the computer itself).

    Or, you can (2) de-authorize all computers at once. Again, this is not a once a year thing.

    See this Apple web site for more details and instructions:

    I don't believe there is a limit on the number of devices linked to your iTunes/on your AppleID. Or, at least I've never found a limit....

    Hope this helps.

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    Apparently you can have a maximum of 10 devices associated with a single Apple ID. A maximum of 5 of those devices can be computers.

    If you try to associate too many devices with one Apple ID, you'll see this pop up when trying to associate the extra device.image.jpg
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