Completing job applications from an ipad 1 or ipod touch 1 while on a website

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by drofbaseball, Feb 15, 2013.

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    WHAT TRICKS AND EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE FOR THIS CHALLENGE??? Hello, I am brand new to using this forum and communication method so please bear with me. I have both ipad and ipod touch first generation devices. What various ideas do you have to complete job applications, using these devices, while on company websites that require a cv/resume file to be chosen from a file lookup, but does not allow a cut and paste of text? I have normally done this from a pc that has a file system and at the application field for a cv/resume to be chosen, where you would normally point to a file you have access to. Even if I use an application that allows me to select and access or copy a file name, I still cannot get the company application website to pull up a file system from that application. I am sure that many of you might have some ideas and can offer suggestions. Thanks!
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