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    I've been playing with Codea (a way to create apps on the iPad), and wanted to show off my silly app.

    I suppose I could have put it in the developer section, but honestly, I'm not really recommending it to developers. Codea does have a path that allows you to get the apps you create to the App Store; but it does not bypass the need for a developer license, a Mac, or the XCode tool set. It's also more limited in what i can do than XCode and other environments.

    The developers created it as a tool to create games, simulations, and illustrate visual ideas. It's the users that seem determined to turn it into a full fledged development platform, and they might succeed. There are several Codea created apps in the App Store, the most famous being Cargo-Bot.

    It's a cool environment to play in, and one of the few that will let you both build and execute your apps on the iPad.

    Anyway, the only real purpose of this thread is to show off the video I made of my first Codea project (if you don't count the one I used to get used to the syntax). It's longer than it should be to demonstrate the app, but I love the patterns and couldn't force myself to edit out very much of it.

    The pauses are an artifact of the recoding. The actual app runs quite smoothly.

    I've been coding this simple app as a learning tool since I found a much simpler version of it in the the Vic 20's manual. I've programed it on my Commodore 64, 128, and the Amiga. The Amiga version was best, with color cycling, different shapes, and colors in a gradient. When I switched to the Macintosh I couldn't find a language I liked, and that was the end of it, until now.

    I don't recommend it for someone who has absolutely no programing experience; be cause I can't find any solid tutorials for Codea itself; though you can find some books and help for Lua, the language it's based on. However; if you know just a bit, and just want an environment to play around in, or illustrate some idea, Codea is turning out to be, well, fun.

    There is a Codea forum, which appears to be active and helpful.
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