Classic Adventure Game Syberia Comes to iOS

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    Syberia is a gorgeous point-and-click adventure game created by Benoit Sokal that has been much beloved by fans of the genre for many years. It’s great to see yet another classic game making it to iOS.

    Syberia has already been out on Android for a year, so it’s taken its time getting to iOS, but hopefully the extra development time has enable Microids to polish the game to perfection.

    The storyline centres around New York lawyer Kate Walker, as she explores the gorgeous scenery in Valadilene in the French Alps, on a mission to buy an automaton factory for her company, after the factory’s owner has passed away.

    When Kate finds out that the factory owner, Anna Voralberg, had left the factory to her younger brother, Hans, Kate has to find the long-lost heir.

    And, as with all the best adventure games, in her voyage of discovery to find Hans, Kate also comes to learn much more about herself.

    Here’s what Elliot Grassiano, VP at Microïds, had to say about the game’s new lease of life:

    I absolutely loved playing this beautiful game on PC, so it’s fantastic to see it adapted so expertly for iOS, with the same gorgeous visuals and stirring music.

    Click here to download for $6.99:

    Source: Anuman Interactive

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