Anuman and Microids Unleashes Dracula Resurrection for the iPad

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    Anuman announced today that following on from the release of “Dracula: The Path of the Dragon†for iPad in 2010, it has now released the first instalment in the trilogy, Dracula Resurrection, especially adapted for iOS devices. Just as in the original version of the much-loved classic adventure game, the player takes on the role of Jonathan Harker, the hero of Bram Stoker’s classic novel, as he hunts for his fiancé Mina, in Transylvania, and, ultimately, in Count Dracula’s castle. This first part of the trilogy is divided into three parts (confusing!), all of which are now available in the app store for $3.99 each. The adaptation faithfully recreates Stoker’s universe, leading the player into a frightening and oppressive atmosphere. The point-and-click adventure enables the player to move 360 degrees around the game’s various environments, and to interact with other characters, as well as solve puzzles and complete the various mini-games. The iOS version of the game also benefits from a new “Compass Look†feature, whereby the gyroscope mimics the iPad and iPhone’s movements, enabling the player to look 360 degrees all around them.

    Click here to download part 1 for $3.99: App Store - Dracula: Resurrection - Part 1

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