Channel inventory decline accounts for 80% of reduced Q3 iPad shipments

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    Shipments of iPads reportedly decreased by 14% to 14.6 million for the first time in history in the June quarter. Nevertheless, this trend doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple is experiencing real problems.

    The solution to the shipping downfall was provided by Apple CEO Tim Cook himself who explained that the last iPad was launched all the way back in March 2012, without any other update being provided further on.

    “We had just announced the third-generation iPad, which was our​​ first iPad with Retina display. We had announced it in March, and so that was our first full quarter.”

    More than that, Apple was also working to reduce its channel inventory, so 1.9 million units were axed during the quarter mentioned above. These units accounted for more than 80% from the total of 2.4 million devices that represented the total loss in iPad sales this year. Cook also mentioned that most people who buy iPads use them to surf the net and the traffic generated amounts to 84% of total web traffic.

    “If there are lots of other tablets selling, I don’t know what they’re being used for. Because that’s a pretty basic function, is Web browsing”.

    Tim Cook also specified that he’s not worried about the turn of events regarding the iPad in the June quarter and expressed his optimistic views saying that he was overall “very happy” with how things turned out.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    I do almost all of my surfing on iPad, but I own two Kindle Fire HDs and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which I use for books, movies, audiobooks and apps.

    One of Kindle Fire's selling points is a child lock, so you can limit your kid's access to only what you want. I bet lots of parents who use that feature prefer that their kids read books or use educational apps over unsupervised surfing on the Web. I'd be surprised if Tim Cook and Apple really were that clueless about the many other uses of tablets.
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    Tim cook seems like an OK guy but he is so by the book when it comes to being a CEO that its almost boring. He says what he's supposed to say, doesn't say what he's not supposed to, and appears to just go through the motions. He's about as interesting as a sidewalk block. I dunno. It's time to realize that apple isn't the only game in town which is great for consumers. Once android gets their ecosystem working a little more smoothly, watch out. That being said, I still like my iPad better than any other tablet I've tried. That may not stay that way forever though.

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