Cave is better than Island sometimes!

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    It seems breeding in the cave can be more advantageous than breeding on the island in certain situations.

    I did an analysis using the Gold Olympus dragon as the target:


    As you can see, one would wait a less amount of time on average with the Cave when missing on the Gold Olympus (because the Island would give a greater chance of giving you an unwanted Epic with a higher breeding time).

    I got the percentages from the excellent Breeding Sandbox: *** Edited ***
    It appears Epics, Gemstones, Opposites & Limiteds have fixed percentages then the remaining percentage from 100% is evenly divided amongst the Commons (Uncommons become Commons when there are 3 or more results). So the amount of miss results have no relevance, since there will always be the same odds of getting your Rare dragon no matter what.
    I question why there isn't an increased percentage for the Gold Olympus or Rainbow when using the Island.

    The Air + Crystal/Quake combo is the Sandbox' recommended combo, but I don't understand why. It sure appears nicer with the much fewer results, but according to the Sandbox' Combo Finder, the Air + Crystal/Quake combo has only the 4th best time rating, whereas the Ash + Dodo (et al.) combos have the 1st best time rating.

    Please comment/correct, thanks.

    Edit: Actually, Blazing + Crystal et al. is usually the #1 time saving combo for Olympus with Avg Miss Times of10.847hr (cave) & 12.821 (island). However, it is rock bottom right now thanks to the limited Solar Eclipse result.

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    Yes i agree cave is better if you are targeting a non-rare dragon, but sometimes i got more gemstone dragon in cave than in island.

    Fewer result is not always better if the result is long fail, it's better to have many result if the fail is shorter than the target. E.G. If you are trying for Silver treasure, if you use Cold+Mine, there's only one fail but you always have to wait 10hrs each time it fail. So the suggested combo is Air+Mine, 4 fail result but sometimes it's just 5hrs or 8hrs.

    As for your question regarding the Olympus, i think they suggest Air+Quake because the fail is only 2, 6, 8 and 24hrs. While the Dodo+Ash combo will give you same fail with an additional 7, 12, 14 and 48hrs fail, i think you wont like that.
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