Cannot add music to iPad Mini 4

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    I was wondering if this is a bug or is there something wrong with the latest iTunes build. I am trying to put music on my iPad from my iTunes. First I tried the way I do it with my iPod Classic, I drag the music over to the iPod and drop it and it syncs automatically. That didn't work. Then I tried adding each artist individually and syncing, the music bar gets longer showing that adding the music is occurring but then after syncing the bar with the music collapses back to nothing and there is no music on my iPad. Then I tried Add All Music and the same thing happens. Music bar grows, then after syncing, the music bar deletes and no music on my iPad. I am getting really frustrated with this. I have Apple Music, but that shouldn't cause my own music from failing to sync to my device. A lot of it is iTunes bought music, and some is 320kbps MP3 albums I have ripped myself.
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    Do you have iCloud Music Library turned on in Settings Music? If so, you can not sync songs the way you are used to with iTunes on the computer.

    By default, iCloud Music Library moves your entire music library to the cloud, so that it is synced between all devices. This overrides the sync setting sin iTunes.

    To make songs local on your iPad with iCloud Music Library turned on, you need to select and download them on the iPad. Do this by choosing either the My Music or the Playlist tabs. Either at the top of the list (to download the entire list or album), or using the ... icon for individual songs tap the cloud icon to download.

    After downloading the songs will have a 'phone with a checkmark in it' icon to show they are local.


    In Playlist be sure to distinquish between a playlist you created in iTunes and an Apple Music playlist (if you have Apple Music). Only songs you have purchased can be downloaded locally. Apple Music songs will probably tell you that you have not purchased them and refuse to download.

    The other option is to turn off iCloud Music Library and manage you music seperately on each device.

    This seems inconvinient, and it is, for now. I suspect that iCloud Music Library is part of Apple's long term goal of eliminarting iOS's dependance on iTunes on the computer. Thinking that way, they would like you to start managing your local music downloads on the device(s) themselves. I am hoping for more powerful and flexible options on the iPad in the near future. Maybe not every little twist and feature of the computer's iTunes, but perhaps more flexibility of in creating playlists, and making them local.
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